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Etiquette of swing dancing

Air steps, big kicks, and floor craft

Air-steps (aerials), low dips and big kicks belong to performance Lindy Hop - THEY DO NOT BELONG ON THE SOCIAL DANCE FLOOR!

People coming to a social dance have a right to expect a safe environment in which they will not be kicked or landed upon. Your partner has a right to assume that you will not be dipping her so that her head is at the level of other people's knees and feet. Therefore, when dancing socially, please restrict yourself to normal floor-based moves. If you have a lot of space, you can do very small dips that keep the lady's head above waist height or perhaps small lifts, like the frog hop, but absolutely no true air steps or deep dips.

People who indulge in these antics in social dances seem to think that everyone watching is thinking 'My, what a great dancer!'. They are not; they are thinking 'My, what an inconsiderate idiot!'.

By all means learn lots of acrobatics and use them in performance. When you want to impress your partner on a social dance floor, wow her with your sense of rhythm, your imaginative footwork and your close following of the music instead.