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Etiquette of swing dancing

When to arrive

For a lesson, you should arrive on time. You will be learning and dancing with a lot of other people, and it is discourteous to them to arrive late and blunder through without have a real idea of what is going on.

For a social dance, it is common to arrive 15 minutes or so after the advertised start, but the habit of arriving only after an hour or so is unfair for the organizer, who has had to book the room for an hour longer than needed. The problem is that as more and more people do this, more and more others realize that, if the party is not going to get going for the first hour, they may as well be late too, and so it goes on. Habits vary in different places, but in Edinburgh most people try to arrive within the first half hour of a dance, and this means everyone has more time to enjoy themselves.