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Etiquette of swing dancing

How many dances in a row?

The number of songs you are expected to dance with someone before leading them off the floor again varies from place to place.

In Edinburgh, it is most common to dance a single song with someone, and then to sit out the next one or perhaps dance with someone else. This means that nobody gets too tired and everyone gets to dance with lots of their friends. It also means that getting up for a medium-tempo dance does not commit you to staying up for the Killer Diller song the DJ has lined up without you knowing. There is nothing wrong with staying on the floor for one or two more dances, although try not to monopolize one partner (especially if there is an imbalance in the numbers of men or women).

In some other places (eg Paris), the expectation seems to be to stay on the floor for two pieces, and I have inadvertently offended partners there by not realizing. If somewhere new, watch what other people do.