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Etiquette of swing dancing

"Teaching" while dancing socially

In general, when people are dancing socially, they want to have a good time practising the dance they know. They do not want their partner to keep trying complicate things and stopping to 'teach' the complicated move every time something does not work.

Do not do this!

If your follower is having difficulty following you, dance simpler moves so that you both enjoy it. Do not spoil her dance by stopping and trying to explain moves. I once spent a few minutes calming down an enraged world-famous dancer and dance teacher, who had just been given a 'lesson' in Lindy Hop by some chap who had gone to all of three lessons himself, and who was sure it was her fault that all of the cool things he was trying did not work. I hope he had the grace to blush when, later that evening, she was performing brilliantly in the cabaret.

Remember, it is meant to be fun, and most followers would prefer to be led through some simple moves well than to be faced with badly-led complications.