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Collegiate Shag

Shag is a very fast close-hold dance that evolved in the crowded dance floors of college "hops" in the USA. It can be danced to the fastest jazz music, and fits swing music as well as the Rag-Time for which it evolved (it pre-dates Lindy Hop).

EUSDS was the first place in Scotland to teach classes in Collegiate Shag.

You can watch a video of period shag dancing by clicking here, here and here, and you can watch cartoon characters dancing shag in a wonderful pre-war 'pop video' by clicking here. You can see a modern demonstration of shag (with some Balboa too) by Markus and Baerbl, probably the best shag dancers around today, here.

Visit the class notes page on the Swingdoctors' website  for notes and videos about how to dance Collegiate Shag.