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What to wear


You don't need to rush out and spend wads of money on special dance shoes (although once people really get the bug, they often splash out on one good pair). Many people dance in light trainers, at least in classes; these are fine but some people find them a bit 'sticky' for spins and turns.

Guys, if you have any plain leather-soled shoes these will be ideal, but please be especially careful not to kick or tread on your partner because these sort of shoes are very hard.

Ladies can also wear plain-leather soled shoes up to the heel height of "character shoes", but please do not wear any high or chunky heels: they are dangerous to your ankles and will stop you dancing properly anyway. At first you will probably find that flat shoes are easier. Whatever shoes you choose, they should stay securely on your feet!

Dance shops like the one in Rose St sell unisex soft "Jazz shoes" which are fine and which are very small and light; they cost about £15. For a similar price, Capezio Freedom jazz sneakers (also unisex) are available from various online outlets. If you do buy shoes specially for dancing, never wear them in the street - this ruins the shoes and ruins dance floors by bringing grit on to them.

Please don't do the classes in bare or stockinged feet - you are too likely to be trodden on by someone.

Boots are not a great idea for dancing as they don't allow your ankle to move freely.