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Etiquette of swing dancing

Shoes and clothes

Please do not wear 'street shoes' to dance on a good dance floor: the grit they pick up will mark the varnish. Significant damage can result in a dance group being banned from a venue. You can find advice on dance shoes in the what to wear page of the lessons section of this website.

There are no 'rules' about clothing to wear at a dance, but for classes and casual dances please choose clothes that cover the usual points of contact (shoulders, waist/ hips) because strangers would generally prefer there to be cloth between their hand and your skin. Gentlemen will always obey this rule. Ladies can break it in formal dances by wearing a shoulderless dress but if you do this, please do not powder your shoulders; the powder will get on your partner's hands and then ruin someone else's outfit. Gentlemen, if you are going to wear a kilt, please note that "Real Scotsmen" are in fact courteous and considerate and go to a dance dressed so that they will not cause embarrassment if they spin or fall, whatever the myths (which are based on miitary life) say.