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An EUSDS performance during the 2004
Edinburgh Student Festival.
Dancers at the Student Festival

Slow dance, close hold. An intimate moment in our 2000 performance piece, Harlem Nocturne. This is typical of what we call "slow jazz dance" (see our styles page).

From our Spring 2002 performance, a
Cat's Corner to Zoot Suit Riot.
Image from our 2002 performance

More from 2002 The photographer is going to be in big trouble....
(Also from the spring 2002 performance)

Another 'eye contact' moment from Harlem Nocturne
(Spring 2002)
another couple in Harlem Nocturne (2000)
Fort George1

Jamie, Katie, Martin and Kim walking out to perform at
Historic Scotland's World War II event at Fort George,
near Inverness, June 2005. The constumes represent a
Royal Naval Officer, a civilian in a typical wartime dress
(made with a minimum of material), a spiv, and a lady who
has kept a late 1930s dress in good condition to wear on a
special occasion.

Kim is caught in mid-air. Alas, the hats of both leaders have
failed to cling on  this far....
Fort George 3
More fort George

The seamed stockings on this photo and on the last one are all part of

the '40s look. When stockings were in short supply, ladies would draw the lines
on their bare legs with eye-liner!

One of the fun things about doing demos like this is that old ladies who remember
dancing during the war come up and talk to us about their memories, which
genrally conist of large numbers of dance moves, and even larger numbers of
handsome soldier boyfriends!

Even the transport was vintage!

The jeep that we seem to  have 'commandeered' is a
genuine 1943 model, which saw service in Operation
Overlord (the liberation of France). "Thank you", to its
owner, for letting a bunch of dancers mess about on it!

The photographer for all of these Fort George photos
is Glenn Collett (glenn.cz@virgin.net), by whose

kind permission the images are reproduced here.

in the jeep

Angela & Michael

The same week, but on a different continent...

Here is Angela, an EUSDS stalwart and committee member,
dancing to live music in Toronto with her dance partner, Michael,
whom she describes as "by far my favourite dancer in the whole world".

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