The Kidney Development Database was created to collect in one place the data from a large number of developmental studies that have a bearing on the study of kidney development. With its oldest parts dating back to 1993/4, it is, as far as we know, the earliest computer database in the field of vertebrate organogenesis. It is updated frequently, often in response to its users' suggestions (for which we are always grateful).

Data are displayed in tables, arranged according to a standard scheme of kidney development explained in the key. Many of the entries are derived from low-power in situs or published text-only descriptions, and should therefore be interpreted with mild caution.

The database should be cited as follows; Davies JA and Brandli AW "The Kidney Development Database";   and

Please note the following conditions of access;

We have tried to make this database as accurate and helpful as possible, but neither the authors of the database nor the owners or managers of computer systems involved can accept any responsibility for any loss or damage that might arise or be alleged to arise from its use. This database is copyright; printouts and disk copies may be made for personal use (though it will always be better to log on here, where the most up-to-date copy will be available). However, copies and prints must retain correct details of authorship, and may not be distributed for profit.

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