Supporting Material for Jamie Davies' BMS-3 lecture.

Current Lecture slides:

The slideshow from the 2017 lecture is available at this location.

There is also a full movie recording of the lecture here as a .mkv and here as an MP4. You can play it using many different media players, including the free VLC player. Please DOWNLOAD it (right click) rather than playing from here - this server is very slow and will not cope with playing things live.

Obsolete Lecture slides:

The slideshow from the 2014-2016 versions of this lecture is still available here. This lecture - very different from the current one because much of its material now appears in BMS2 - is provided for the sake of current year 4 students who may want to look back at their year 3 material.

This is nothing specifically to do with the course, but if you are interested in running your own computer using Free software, you may find this pdf useful.