Introduction to the CTO-2 Growth Practical

This whole practical runs on this computer, although you are encouraged to sketch things on piecces of paper or to employ any other form of 'playing' that is useful to your thinking.

(You are advised to scale your browser window to approximately the length of the above sentence).

The exercises you are about to do are connected to the growth lectures but they are designed to extend your learning. For the avoidance of doubt, what is in these practicals is every bit as examinable, at the end of the course, as what is in the lectures. You may therefore want to make notes at the end. We do not gather marks from this practical itself, though, because I want to you be able to learn and explore in an unstressed manner. You will answer questions and you will get feedback, but this is for your use, not for the use of staff.

The overall topic of this exericse is the relationship between growth and gradients. There are two sections:

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