Inducers of Kidney Development

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Inducers of Nephrogenesis

Living Inducers

These embryonic tissues induce nephrogenesis in uninduced metanephrogenic
mesenchyme when placed in contact with it or when applied in a transfilter
assay using a filter with pores large enough to admit cell processes;

bone (developing)
jaw mesenchyme
salivary gland mesenchyme
spinal cord (but not dorsal root ganglia)
submandibular epithelium
ureteric bud

Data from Grobstein 1955, Unsworth & Grobstein 1970 and Lombard & Grobstein 1969.

Chemical Inducers

Lithium ions (10-15mM) induces early stages of nephrogenesis, up to
epithelial polarisation, when applied to uninduced mouse metanephrogenic
mesenchyme. (Davies & Garrod 1995)

BMP-7 (=OP1) induces complete nephrogenesis in isolated metanephrogenic
mesenchyme. Authors claim it meets all of the Slack criteria to be
an embryonic inducer. (Vukicevic 1996)

bFGF induces early nephrogenesis in rat metanephrogenic mesenchymes.
(Perantoni 1995)


Inducers of Ureteric Bud Development

The only tissue reported to induce/support ureteric bud growth and
branching is metanephrogenic mesenchyme.

There is one abstract reporting an undefined cell-free extract that
can support slow growth and branching of rat ureteric bud. (Perantoni 1992)
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