Key to Pronephros & Mesonephros Pages.

Part of the Kidney Development Database.

The pronephros and mesonephros pages are arranged as a series of tables, each of which contains information on the expression patterns of particular classes of genes or proteins. Across the tops of the tables runs an anatomical classification of the major components of a 'generic', developing excretory system. This includes elements that may not be present in all species. pronephric glomeruli. The anatomical components of the tables comprise;

All entries are accompanied by the species from which the data were taken and the stage of first expression whenever possible. Staging is by the standard methods; HH stages for chick, N stages for Xenopus & age for mouse. Expression is coded as 'y' for 'yes, there is expression' or 'n' for 'no expression'. A question mark after a data entry indicates possible uncertainty of the interpretation of micrographs (which may have appeared in papers addressed primarily to other embryonic systems) - it is not intended as a slur on the original authors. A line (-) in the table indicates 'no data'; it does NOT indicate 'no expression.' Where data from two species differ, or may possibly differ due to a lack of information making this point uncertain, data entries are qualified by having the species name immediately after the entry. eg. y (mouse), n (xenopus).

Gene Expression Patterns

[-] no data available
? uncertain or disputed
n not expressed
(y) expressed at very low level
y expressed at low level
Y expressed strongly

Date of last revision: January 2006
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