Quotes about kidneys

From Homer Smith "From fish to philosopher" (1953)

" Recognizing that we have the kind of blood we have because we have the kind of kidneys we have, we must acknowledge that our kidneys constitute the major foundation of our philosophical freedom. Only because they work the way they do has it become possible for us to have bones, muscles, glands and brains. Superficially, it might be said that the function of the kidney is to make urine; but in a more considered view one can say that the kidneys make the stuff of philosophy itself."

From Aldous Huxley "Antic Hay" (1923, 1948)

(All sent to me by Scott Gilbert)

"But I know all about love already. I know precious little about kidneys." (P. 64)

"...The kidneys are so beautifully organized; they do their work of regulation with such a miraculous--it's hard to find another word--such a positively divine precision, such knowledge and wisdom, that there is no reason why our archetypal man, whoever he is, or any one else, for that matter, should be ashamed to own a pair." (P. 53)

"Tell me, do you ever read the _Daily Express_?...

"Never," said Shearwater. "I have more serious things to think about than newspapers."

"And what serious thing may I ask?"

"Well, at the present moment," said Shearwater, "I am chiefly preoccupied with the kidneys." (P. 50-51).

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