Cellular Mechanisms in Development

Last updated 27th November 2015.

Please note that, because this course will be designed partly you, as will the choice of materials we cover, it is impossible for me to put up course notes at the beginning of the semester. Instead, I will place summaries of what we discussed in each session, including practice exam questions,  up on these pages on the afternoon/ evening following these sessions.

Course Teacher: Prof. Jamie Davies; e-mail jamie.davies@ed.ac.uk, Tel (6)502999, lab web page http://golgi.ana.ed.ac.uk/Davieslab/

Class times: Fridays 11:10 -> 13:00 (coffee break half way). EXCEPT there is not class on 6th Nov.


(this list will grow week-by-week) PhD position open:(click here).

Exam Questions to be included in pool