The Swing Doctors

This is a dance instruction website, used by dancers worldwide, provided free by the Swing Doctors, two dancers and teachers of dance based in Edinburgh, Scotland (click here to go to our home-page).

The notes here are based mainly on the introductory classes, and themed workshops, that we run for Edinburgh University Swing Dance Society and for Edinburgh Swing Dance Society. You are free to copy and distribute them, but please note and respect the copyright statement on the top of each page.

To read the notes, you need Acrobat Reader, which can be downloaded  free from this site. We will try to add more video sequences soon.

Notes on the music itself:
Notes on the following dance styles:
Notes on teaching

Please contact Edinburgh University Swing Dance Society if you want to join the classes in these styles (you do not have to be at the University to join: membership is £10/year and all classes are free).  Our classes go far beyond what is presented here, of course - these notes are intended to support the most basic material that we cover.

Balboa & Bal-swing:

Beginners' classes:

Intermediate classes:

Progressive Balboa ("Bal-trot"):



Collegiate Shag

6-beat 'Jive' (East Coast Swing)

Laminu / Lamanu

Lindy Hop

The Lindy Rueda

Slow Drag ("blues")

St Louis Shag


West Coast Swing