Interested in joining the lab?

Potential MSc. students

We do not take MSc students directly into any lab (except in the context of visiting scholars from collaborating labs). If you would like to have a chance of doing an MSc project in this lab, please apply to relevant MSc programmes as advertised on the main university site.

Potential PhD students

There are 3 ways of entering the lab to study for a PhD: (1) by applying to a PhD programme on the CIP page, (2) by convincing me to apply for a studentship on your behalf - deadlines are usually around Jan for next Oct, or (3) funding yourself (expensive, especially if you are from outside the EU). For the last two, contact us in the first instance. Be warned, though, that all lab heads get vast numbers of e-mails of the 'Dear Sir, I am very interested in your research..." type that could be sent to anyone whether they knew the research or not. Good potential students write with very specific ideas of what they want to do.

Potential post-docs

Any available positions will be on If you want to create a position for yourself to work here, contact the lab with your ideas in enough time for a grant to be written, submitted and decided (realistically, that's 1 year). The advice above about having specific ideas applies.