Press coverage of our work

Here are some examples;


  * Wiener Zeitung 17 Aug 2013 Synthetische Biologie und ihre Zukunftsperspektiven Arrbeit am Ersatz für Tierversuche
  * The Daily Record 11th April 2011
  * Scotland on Sunday 10th April 2011
  * The Daily Star 11th April 2011
  * The Sun 11th April 2011
  * The Daily Telegraph 11th April 2011
  * The Herald 11th April 2011
  * The Daily Express 11 April 2011
  * The Daily Mail online
  * The MIT blog
  * The Scotsman 20th April 2007
  * Edinburgh Evening News 10th Nov 2003
  * The Guardian, 18th July 2002

Journalists, please feel free to call our press office about our work. If you wish to contact me to get a quote about someone else's work, please e-mail and give me time to read their paper: I will not comment on something I have not had the chance to consider carefully. Thanks.