The laboratory's current staff


  Lab head: Prof Jamie A. Davies. MA, PhD, FRSM, FRSA, FRSB, PFHEA, CSciTeach, MIEEE

  Jane Armstrong PhD
  Toni Wigglesworth
  Alazne Dominguez Monedero PhD
  Elena Faccenda PhD
  Sam Ireland BSc
  Simon Harding PhD
  Melanie Lawrence PhD
  Weijia Liu MSc
  Adam Pawson PhD
  Joanna Sharman PhD
  Christopher Southan PhD

Postdoctoral alumni of the lab

Past postdoctoral fellows include Dr Mark Blenkiron, Dr Jane Brennan, Dr Elise Cachat, Dr Carolyn Fisher, Dr Darren Logan, Dr Guanping Tai, Dr Mathieu Unbekandt & Dr Markus Winter; Dr Frances Wong PhD

 (PhD students are listed on a separate page). This page was last updated Feb 2014